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November 2014
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Speaking Engagements

HR Tech, Las Vegas, 10/8-10/2014
HR Tech Europe, Amsterdam, 10/23-24/2014

Workday Predict and Prepare Webinar, 12/10/2013
CXOTalk: Naomi Bloom, Nenshad Bardoliwalla, and Michael Krigsman, 3/15/2013
Drive Thru HR, 12/17/12
The Bill Kutik Radio Show® #110, 8/12
Webinar Sponsored by Workday: "Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Business Value," 5/3/12 Audio/Whitepaper
Webinar Sponsored by Workday: "Predict and Prepare," 12/7/11
HR Happy Hour - Episode 118 - 'Work and the Future of Work', 9/23/11
The Bill Kutik Radio Show® #87, 9/11
Keynote, Connections Ultimate Partner Forum, 3/9-12/11
"Convergence in Bloom" Webcast and accompanying white paper, sponsored by ADP, 9/21/10
The Bill Kutik Radio Show® #63, 9/10
Keynote for Workforce Management's first ever virtual HR technology conference, 6/8/10
Knowledge Infusion Webinar, 6/3/10
Webinar Sponsored by Workday: "Predict and Prepare," 12/8/09
Webinar Sponsored by Workday: "Preparing to Lead the Recovery," 11/19/09 Audio/Powerpoint
"Enterprise unplugged: Riffing on failure and performance," a Michael Krigsman podcast 11/9/09
The Bill Kutik Radio Show® #39, 10/09
Workday SOR Webinar, 8/25/09
The Bill Kutik Radio Show® #15, 10/08

Keynote, HR Tech Europe, Amsterdam, 10/25-26/12
Master Panel, HR Technology, Chicago, 10/9/012
Keynote, Workforce Magazine HR Tech Week, 6/6/12
Webcast Sponsored by Workday: "Building a Solid Business Case for HR Technology Change," 5/31/12
Keynote, Saba Global Summit, Miami, 3/19-22/12
Workday Rising, Las Vegas, 10/24-27/11
HR Technology, Las Vegas 10/3-5/11
HR Florida, Orlando 8/29-31/11
Boussias Communications HR Effectiveness Forum, Athens, Greece 6/16-17/11
HR Demo Show, Las Vegas 5/24-26/11
Workday Rising, 10/11/10
HRO Summit, 10/22/09
HR Technology, Keynote and Panel, 10/2/09

Adventures of Bloom & Wallace

a work in progress

About Bloom & Wallace

Bloom & Wallace has been my solo consulting practice since 1987. Although our primary service offerings have evolved considerably since then, they’ve all been focused on achieving improved/required organizational outcomes by improving the practice of human resource management through a heavy dose of IT-enablement, include:

* Strategic HRM and HRM delivery systems assessment/planning services to large, primarily global end-user organizations, to which we bring our proprietary methodology and task-specific “starter kits;”

* Strategic business and product/service assessment/planning services to HRM software vendors and service providers, to which we bring our proprietary, licensable HRM Business Model and Architectural “Starter Kits,” either directly or via their private equity investors/owners;

* Investment target identification, assessment and due diligence support to the venture capital and private equity community; and

* Thought leadership marketing support, to include original whitepapers, Webinars, and speaking engagements, to the HRM software/services/research/media communities.

Bloom & Wallace welcomes your inquiries about our services at Please note that, as a solo, my ability to meet your needs improves considerably with the more lead time you can provide.

1 comment to About Bloom & Wallace

  • hi Naomi-
    We are planning a conference on HRO & HRIS in China in April & intend to invite you to be a key part of the event. I did send an email to the mentioned email address, but it bounces.

    Please let me know a good time to connect with you to discuss the details.
    DID: +88 031 2868103; Hand-phone : +88 017 30735597

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